An Image that shows two carrots wrapped together and says underneath "Roots to Justice"


Connecting community in the pursuit of food justice. We prioritize sustainable access to locally-grown food for Black and Indigenous, racialized, and disabled communities. Formerly known as CareMongering: Hamilton Response to COVID-19.

Organizational Pillars

Mutual aid: coordinating a centralized delivery system connecting community members with free food and supplies delivered to their door steps at no cost and a no-questions-asked basis.


Building capacity: delivering workshops and programming aimed at skill-sharing and empowering community members to grow and cultivate their own food.


Localized relationships: distributing locally grown food throughout the community, prioritizing small-scale farms and other food providers.

Organizational Pillars of roots to justice: Mutual Aid, Capacity-Building, Localized Relationships


private donations since March 2020


community members fed since
March 2020


spent on encampment support, land
defense, housing advocacy


awarded in granting supports

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