In March of 2020, a group of organizers from Hamilton Ontario came together to create CareMongering HamOnt, a mutual aid service meant to deliver food to people's doorstep during the COVID-19 outbreak. For six months, the coalition brought food to people, supported prisoners, and contributed to local work around defunding the police.

This coalition is made up of the Disability Justice Network of Ontario, the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion, the Hamilton Student Mobilization Network, and Erich's Cupboard.

Sign says New Vision United Church CareMongering Covid Response HQ

We’re excited to announce that CareMongering will be re-launching the week of November 1!

Our form will reopen on October 25th and deliveries will resume the week of November 1, with the first sanitation, grocery shopping, and kit-making session resuming on October 31st (please expect special treats). Volunteers that day are encouraged to wear costumes

If you are interested in (safely) volunteering please email our Volunteer Coordinator at → a new sign up schedule will be going live prior to the re-open date. Our new number is: 289-933-1963

Our new number will also go live on October 25th as a voicemail service, with call backs happening throughout the week.

For any questions about CareMongering, or to make a donation, email

Starting date: Oct.6th 2020 Please Email: to register. This program is a partnership between @reachouthamont and @djnontario

Poster is mustard yellow with green vines sticking out of all corners. In the middle of the poster is a black circle with white text that says BLACK TABLE TALK with 3 pink flowers around the circle. In 3 red boxes below the circle there is white text that says virtual mental health workshop series for black youth 13-25. Tuesdays: workshops 4-6pm Wednesdays: peer support 4-6pm. For free registration email at the bottom of the poster are logos for St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton and the Disability Justice Network of Ontario (DJNO):

In collaboration with the St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton Youth Wellness Centre, we're hosting Black Table Talk. Black Table Talk is a series of weekly youth led workshops that explore the nuances of mental health and healing for black communities through an anti-oppression lens. We hope to offer a space for black youth to have informed discussion about anti-blackness, wellness, stigma, and more while sharing resources, support and coping together. Each workshop will be accompanied by a drop-in peer support group where youth can freely express themselves and build connections in a safe space that is carved out especially for black youth. We believe in collective healing and invite all black youth between the ages of 13-25 at any stage of their learning to join us as we re-imagine healing and wellness together.

Starting date: Oct.6th 2020

To register, Email: