On Saturday October 21st 2022 from 6 PM - 8 PM we will be hosting an online focus group with disabled Black and racialized disabled community members in Hamilton and across Ontario, in order to deepen our understanding of medical racism and ableism in healthcare. We'll ask questions and collaboratively build a toolkit that will help Black and racialized disabled people combat medical racism and structural ableism they may face while receiving healthcare. Honorariums will be provided to each participant. All questions are optional, and the results of the focus groups will be kept anonymous. There will be 12 focus groups throughout the next few months. All participants can participate virtually. If you cannot make the October 21st date, register through Eventbrite to be included in upcoming focus groups on the same topic at a later date.

This project is being run in collaboration with the Refuge Hamilton Centre for Newcomer Health and the Black Health Alliance.

Focus group questions can be provided in advance upon request, and all participants will be asked to sign confidentiality agreements in order to keep the space safe. Closed captioning will be provided at each focus group meeting. ASL caption can be provided upon request at registration. For other access needs, please email

We've officially launched our phone lines in Hamilton, Ottawa, and Milton. We're looking to speak with current and former prisoners with disabilities who have experienced racism while inside. This project is a two year project funded by the Laidlaw Foundation.

Please share these numbers in your communities across Ottawa, Milton and Hamilton with folks inside and outside of prison who may want to chat with us:


(905) 973 -4332

TRAPP Phone Numbers (Toll Free):

Milton – 416-775-7938

Hamilton - 905-631-4084

Ottawa - 613-768-9951

We're also looking to speak directly with young people, in person, about their experiences with incarceration who specifically are Black, racialized and disabled. For participating in this study group, an honorarium will be provided. Please email:

On October 15 from 1-3 PM we are hosting an in person Arts based workshop to understand the experiences of young Black and racialized girls (and non binary youth) between the ages of 12-7, who also live with disabilities. This workshop will occur at the Workers' Art and Heritage Centre. It is paid and is part of a research study in collaboration with the Disabled Women's Network of Canada (DAWN) and the University of Guelph. See poster for more details and email to sign up! This workshop will be facilitated by Sahra Soudi.

ID: The background is soft watercolour blobs in light purple, pink, blue, and yellow. On the top left is DJNO and DAWN Canada's logos. Below is text beside an illustration of a paintbrush that reads "Arts-Based Workshop for girls with disabilities. email to sign up." Below are 4 squares in the colours orange and purple with text about what to expect from the workshop. The date, location and time reads as "Saturday October 15th, 2022 at the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre from 1pm-3pm." On the bottom right is an illustration of a group of women and girls with disabilities.