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The Disability Justice Network of Ontario aims to be an organization that makes its research and reports publicly available to our community. On this page we will summarize policies and research relevant to disability advocacy in Ontario.


Alongside these summaries, DJNO will be conducting its own Community Based Participatory Action Research in Hamilton, ON, and will be releasing periodic reports of the discussions from our focus groups.

Sexual Health and Sexual Education for Women with Disabilities: Challenges & Opportunities

Women with disabilities (both physical and intellectual) have a higher risk of experiencing sexual violence as a result of systemic oppression (the barriers we create as a society and the environment that limits access to services, information, opportunities, experiences etc.). In this report, we will explore current research about sexual violence experienced by people with disabilities, discuss the gaps in sexual education for this community, and evaluate future needs for more effective and informative education and violence prevention.

This report was completed for DJNO by the McMaster Research Shop.

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