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Our Projects

At the Disability Justice Network of Ontario, our projects are a testament to our commitment to fostering a just and accessible society. From addressing the intricate intersections of medical racism and ableism to amplifying voices from the prison system, our initiatives delve deep into areas where ableism intertwines with other systemic injustices. We believe in empowering communities, creating educational opportunities, and promoting justice in every sphere, be it healthcare, education, or our legal system. Here's a glimpse into the transformative work we're doing.

Medical Racism

Disability Justice Perspective on Addressing Medical Racism will engage residents in  Hamilton to deepen their understanding of racism and ableism in healthcare. With this grant,  the DJNO, in partnership with Refuge Hamilton Centre for Newcomer Health and the  Black Health Alliance, and with the support of St. Joseph’s Hospital, the Hamilton  Community Legal Clinic, the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion (HCCI), the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) at McMaster University, the Disabled  Womens’ Network of Canada, and Dr. Natasha Johnson and Dr. Kassia Johnson (two  Black physicians in Hamilton), will host up to 12 focus groups with Black and racialized disabled community members.

Emergency Vehicles

Prison Project

DJNO’s Prison Project aims to hear, document, and amplify the experiences of individuals who have been imprisoned and live at the intersection of being racialized and disabled to push against carceral logic. We are prison abolitionists who believe in care and a community-centred approach to accountability and justice.

DJNO - Prison Project - Lead Photo.jpeg

Education Project

DJNO’s Education Project aims to highlight the experiences of Black, Indigenous, racialized and newcomer disabled students with both the education system and the school-to-prison-nexus. The Education Project has and continues to host consultations with community members, caregivers, organizations and, most importantly – students to empower, amplify and equip disabled youth by giving them the tools to identify and address systemic ableism within education.

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Disability Justice 101: Organizing Series

The Disability 101: Organizing Series is an educational program designed by DJNO's Youth Action Council. The series consists of different educational topics centred around disability justice. This program will prioritize those who identify as disabled, LGBTQSIA+, Black, Indigenous, racialized, and youth ages 15-29.

Video Call with Sign Language
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