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I'm currently in my fourth (but not last!) year at McMaster, and have been involved in various student organizations in my time here. I've been following DJNO since it was first announced, excited at the prospect of an organization that recognizes the importance of addressing how disability justice overlaps with racial and economic justice and LGBTQ+ liberation. For that reason, I'm delighted to be a part of the youth council in this coming year. I care deeply about the ways ableism and white supremacy interact and shape one another, especially given what's often a lack of attention to intersectional harms within disability communities. This aside, I'm also a lover of bright, shiny colours and smooth, cool fabrics. When I can, I dabble in graphic design and digital art.


My name is Kalia Douglas-Micallef. I am getting involved with DJNO because I am passionate about disability rights. There’s been a profound lack of accountability when it comes to disability rights and justice. I also think it’s important to foster an inclusive and accessible environment for everyone to thrive and acquire knowledge together. I love meeting new people and connecting, heavy content/material films and documentaries, educational videos such as tutorials and workshops, writing, drinking coffee and tea, exercising, reading, researching, staying curious- I ask a lot of questions!

Constanza Farias

Constanza is a community organizer from Toronto. Her own experience navigating a disability as a young person shaped her path in becoming a disability justice activist and health advocate. She is looking forward to being involved with the Disability Justice Network of Ontario as part of the Youth Advisory Board. Constanza strongly believes in an intersectional approach when analyzing and solving inequities present in our society and intends to help create a new dialogue and path forward. In the future, she plans on completing her degree in Health Studies at the University of Toronto while continuing to pursue community-based organizing and writing in her spare time.

Cleveland Wilson

My name is Cleveland Wilson. I am graduate of the Advertising, Marketing, and Communications program at Sheridan College. I also identify as person with a disability which is Cerebral Palsy.   The reason why I wanted to be on DJNO is because I wanted to have better understanding of my rights as a person with a disability.  What I like to do for fun is watching movies listening to music also well as playing videos games. Other things I enjoy doing are talking to people and sharing my ideas.

Caspian Oosterhof

I’m a 23 year old non binary trans person who is rooted in anti-oppression politics, specifically diving into invisible illnesses such as mental health, neurodivergence, psychosis, addiction and chronic pain. Taking from my own experiences of an lgbt person navigating the health and social welfare system without advocation, I have a good idea how these structures can work against disabled folks, as well as how disability and lgbt rights intersect. I’m very passionate about giving those with disabilities a platform to speak and raise equity over equality. I love working with and relating to people through art and music. I value finding and creating accessible language around disability and community building towards agency over our own bodies and voices, and demystifying oppressive and misinformed stigma.

Yasmine Gray

Yasmine Gray is a writer, artist, educator, and public speaker based in Toronto, Ontario. Her lived experiences facing racism, ableism and sanism fostered her interest in disability justice and desire to get involved with DJNO. Yasmine has designed and delivered over 100 workshops and trainings covering topics such as critical mental health work for social service professionals, gender-based violence, and anti-Black racism. She plans to pursue a Master’s in Critical Disability Studies this upcoming Fall. In her free-time, she enjoys singing, yoga, and strength training.

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