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#CenteringtheMargins, The Issues: Housing Affordability and Access

The federal government needs to commit to a strategy to create permanent and affordable housing options.  It is necessary for shifts to be made which no longer allow for housing to be conceptualized as a commodity in Canadian society.  The affordability of housing is key, and specifically important to consider for access to housing for racialized people. The 2019 census showed that 20.8% of people of colour in Canada are low-income, compared to 12.2% of non-racialized Canadians. Additionally, just over 50% of people of colour households in Canada live in homes which are not affordable, that require repair or maintenance and that are overcrowded and unsuitable. This compares to 28% of non-racialized households.

It is vital for the federal government to commit to recognize housing as a fundamental human right to mitigate these inequitable disparities.  

Read more about how Housing Inaccessibility and Affordability relates to Disability Justice in our last post here.


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