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#CripTheVote: Responses from mayoral candidate Carlos Gomes, on Accessibility and the AODA

1. Welcome, and thanks for joining us for our final #CripTheVote chat. Please introduce yourself!

Hi my name is Carlos Gomes and I'm hoping to be Hamilton's new mayor this coming elections day.

2. What does it mean to say that something is “accessible”?

Availability to all PERIOD

3. What is the importance of making Hamilton more accessible?

No one knows what the future holds for us, one day we can be the person complaining about senior & disabled people. The next day we could be one of those elderly or disabled people ourselves. Who has the right to know what someone else need? No one has that right because we can only know what we need. So if we were in their shoe, had lived through their experiences, what would we want? To be treated with the same dignity and respect they treat is with. But that's only in my opinion. If we have people who are not living up to their job requirements I will find suitable employment for them or I will find someone else to do their job.

4. In your opinion, what are the most urgent changes Hamilton needs to undertake, in order to meet AODA requirements for accessibility?

I'd simply make a mandate stating new operating policy, where all bus will have a toll free number where people can address their concerns. I will be invoking a 2 strikes rule, if drives get a second strike after being inform of the first strike, they WILL be replaced.

5. Plans to make city facilities barrier-free have been an important topic of discussion in this election.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

How do you plan to finance the retrofits that are needed?

I already previously stated that all government services all be available on Saturdays and holidays.

6. What steps need to be taken in order to improve the accessibility of Hamilton's infrastructure?

Do you consider these changes to be an urgent priority?

I plan to order a mandate to all existing organizations to make all their facilities accessibility to by summer 2019 and all new construction to include mandatory accessibility to all. If any organization fails to comply, the city will take upon themselves to carry out order with all costs made payable but failed organization. A pentialty a minimal set amount will be attached to their invoice.

7. Public events can significantly impact the accessibility of an urban environment.

What are some measures that can be implemented both to protect access to public spaces during city events, and to ensure the events themselves are accessible?

Just answer this question

8. Accessibility isn't just about built environments. If elected, how would you work to make Hamilton's public services more accessible?

We need to educate our youth while their still in school, knowledge is power. The more knowledge we have the more that can achieved.

9. If elected, how would you work to ensure that Hamilton's private businesses meet AODA accessibility requirements?

[No response provided]

10. Accessibility is often talked about as a 'seniors' issue'.

How might this limit the way we approach its implementation?

Can you think of any areas where considering the needs and lifestyles of younger disabled people might be especially relevant?

[No response provided]

11. Disabled people are, by nature of our lived experiences, experts in planning for accessibility – and yet accessibility initiatives are often led by non-disabled people, firms and organizations.

What role do you see disabled residents playing in the process of designing a more accessible future for Hamilton?

I plan to listen to the people of hamilton, I encourage anyone and everyone to come to city hall and tell me want you want to changed in Hamilton.  Let me know what your concerns are, I will explain to why or not I can implement those needs.

12. What does the phrase “conflicting access needs” mean to you? What approaches can be used to address this planning challenge?

All people are born equals with the same rights obligations. There no such thing as "conflicting access needs" we all need and deserve the same thing!



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