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Hamilton- Quick Guide to Services

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Hamilton- Quick Guide to Services. Image includes logos of the Hamilton Legal Clinic, The Disability Justice Network of Ontario, the Social Planning and Research Council, and the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion
Hamilton Quick Guide to Services

Hamilton is full of resources and the purpose of this book is to organize them so service providers can better serve the community. The book is supplementary to Hamilton Public Library’s Redbook and The benefit of having this supplementary book is so additional notes can be added to ease the process of workers accessing programs.

The original form is in Google Document and is intended to be constantly changed. The booklet is intended to be used by service providers. However, the general public may also use this

(links to download a PDF and a Plain Text accessible version of the booklet are at the bottom of the page).

Organizations involved in the development of this book include:

Disability Justice Network of Ontario

Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion

Hamilton Community Legal Clinic

Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton

Special thanks to Shaila J. from Mohawk College

The booklet has resources for:


Mental Health Counselling (everyone)

Refugee Health Supports

Mental Health Counselling (healthcare workers)

Women' shelters

Mens' shelters

Drop in supports

Community Meals (take away dinners)

Harm reduction services

Transit Passes

Bed Bug Support

Bereavement and Grief Services

Bankruptcy and foreclosure services

Birth Certificate Resources

Brain Injury Services

Child Services

Civil Law

Complaints against Cities

Complaints against Lawyers and Paralegals

Consent and Capacity

Credit Counselling

Criminal Law

Consumer Rights

Dental Supports

Education Benefits

Disability Supports

Employment Services


Family Law

Financial Supports

First Nations, Inuit, and Metis Services

Food Banks and Community Food Centres

Francophone Supports

Guardianship/ Power of Attorney

Government Pensions for Older Adults

Health Services

HIV Services

Hoarding/Clutter Services



Human Trafficking

Immigrants and Refugees

Incarceration Complaints

Income Taxes

Internet Services for folks in City Housing

Labour Rights

Landlord Support

Legal/Advocacy Services


Member of Parliament and Provincial Parliament

Migrant Workers' Rights


Passport Support

Pet Supports

Public/Catholic School Boards

Provincial Offenses

Recreation Fee Reduction

Privacy Concerns in Ontario

Self Harm (Suicide)

Senior Services


Small Claims Court

Specialty Clinics

Street Involved (Homelessness) Services

Services for Survivors

Warming Centres (winter)

Wills and Estates


Youth Services

If you have any changes or suggestions, please contact:


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