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HamOnt CareMongering on Pause to Restructure

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

On the future of CareMongering:

We came together at the start of the pandemic to try and figure out how to get food to people who couldn't leave their homes or who struggle with food insecurity because of our inadequate welfare systems. Most of us who started CareMongering are young people who were also feeling the pressures of the pandemic. From March to June, multiple of us spent countless full time hours trying to figure out the best way to keep people safe and make sure they were fed.

When we started, we realized that the Facebook group with 7,000 people in it offering to help each other out could increase transmission rates, and decided to develop a grocery delivery system. In a few weeks, with support of community and countless volunteers, as well as feedback from the community on the best ways to structure (from sanitation process, to what to include in kits, to financial recording systems and where to physically move), we were able to support 100 families a week with food & sanitation supplies.

When the need to combat police violence picked up in June, many of the core organizers struggled with being present for both CareMongering work and that work at the same time. We didn’t stop to think about sustainability, capacity, and also what happens when volunteers begin returning back to work. This left a lot of pressure 1 core Admin volunteer, and later-- through DJNO funds-- 2 staff to run a system that once had a lot more internal support. Lastly, multiple organizations in Hamilton began a food delivery system in June, causing the number of requests we were receiving to decline.

We’ve decided to pause CareMongering efforts for a few weeks so that we can restructure it, so that it can be sustainable and meet the evolving needs of the community, so that it can support community involvement and limit burn out.

Thank you to New Vision United Church for allowing us to use your space and to the many volunteers and community members who have supported us this far.

If you're interested in supporting the restructuring of this work, sign up here

Please see below for a list of resources you can use to access food:

Blue Door Food Pantry @Hamilton Dream Center

Phone: 905-527-8605

East Hamilton Food Centre @Mission Services of Hamilton

Phone: 905-574-6201


Emergency food and clothing bank @Good Shepherd Centres

Phone: 905-972-9485 press option 1


Emergency Food Pantry @Eva Rothwell Centre

Phone: 905-526-1558 x419

Emergency Food Program @Parkview Church

Phone: 905-574-6917

Emergency Outreach Program @Native Women's Centre

Phone: 905-664-1114


Flamborough Food Bank

Phone: 905-690-1036


Food Bank @All Nations Full Gospel Church

Phone: 416-667-9333


Food Bank @Ancaster Community Services

Phone: 905-648-6675


Food Bank @Hamilton Jewish Family Services

Phone: 905-627-9922


Food Bank @Restoration House Hamilton

Phone: 905-527-1622


Food Bank @Salvation Army

Phone: 905-627-0572

Food Bank @Welcome Inn Community Centre

Phone: 905-525-5824


Food Bank and Emergency Services @Neighbour to Neighbour Centre

Phone: 905-574-1334


Food Pantry @King's Way Outreach Centre (The)

Phone: 905-296-9473


Food With Grace @Grace Anglican Church Waterdown

Phone: 905-689-6715 x80


Giving Cupboard @Crown Point Community Church

Phone: 905-545-2002


Glanbrook Community Food Bank @Christ Church Woodburn

Phone: 905-692-3781


Good Food Centre @Mission Services of Hamilton

Phone: 905-528-4212


Hamilton East Campus Food Bank @Seventh Day Adventist Church, East Hamilton

Phone: 905-545-6180


Infant Formula and Diaper Bank @Essential Aid and Family Services

Phone: 289-799-9514


Niwasa Food Bank @Niwasa Kendaaswin Teg

Phone: 905-549-4884


Resource Centre & Food Bank @ICNA Relief Canada

Phone: 289-780-8901


Stacey's Place Youth Food Bank and Rock Shop @Living Rock Ministries

Phone: 905-528-7625 x259



Disability Justice Network of Ontario (DJNO)

Erich's Cupboard

Hamilton Student Mobilization Network

Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion


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