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Staffing updates!

The Disability Justice Network of Ontario (DJNO) has hired two part time Summer Project Coordinators to assist with our project Access to Housing Needs for Diverse People with Disabilities, funded by The Inspirit Foundation.

This project will conduct online and in-person roundtables, social events and workshops about mobilizing people with disabilities around access to affordable, accessible and dignified housing. These events will specifically centre people with disabilities who are black, Muslim, indigenous, people of colour, new immigrants. The project will consist of three interconnected components, round-tables, workshops and a campaign. We already have several initiatives in place, but we hope to create more sustainable year-long programming and advocacy around disability, race and access to housing.

This project is in partnership with the Ontario Coalition for Agencies Serving Immigrants, and will be completed in Hamilton!

Ruby Hye is a student at UWCiM (United World College in Mostar) and former Westdale Secondary student. They are the co-founder of Model City Hall Hamilton, were a staffer in former Ward 3 City Councillor Matthew Green's office, and have organized LGBTQIA+ events such as the first LGBTQIA+ arts show in Mostar.

Ruby has a passion for anti-racism in LGBTQIA+ spaces and communities. They have been learning and healing through coming to understand that disability justice is interwoven in all liberation movements. Ruby is currently looking forward to finishing high school.

Mike Wood is active in Hamilton as Chair of Hamilton ACORN downtown he likes to push for change on Housing, Disability, Rental issues and much more for low-moderate income people, Mike believes with good change makes Hamilton a more inclusive city for everyone and that nobody should be left behind.

We have also hired an Administrative Assistant who, for ten hours a week, will assist with our growing volume of calls and emails.

Monisha Gupta is a graduate of the Honors Life Science's program at McMaster University. Her role is to create sustainable supports for the Disability Justice Network of Ontario (DJNO). Visit Monisha on Thursdays and Fridays from 10AM to 3PM

For more information about Monisha, Ruby, and Mike, please check out the page:

Ruby, Sarah and Mike stand and sit in front of the DJNO sign, smiling. Joel, campaigns committee member, is in the middle of the photo, and Matthew Green is smiling in the background


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