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with Gaza

There is no disability justice without anti-Zionism.
There is no disability justice without land reclamation.

There is no disability justice without decolonization and liberation.

Check out the resources below for further ways to support.

esims for gaza
Purchasing eSims allows people within Gaza to connect to the outside to communicate with their families and also to show what’s happening within Gaza.
Check out their website for details on these efforts.

The eSims for Gaza Logo. A white bird in flight sits in the middle of a computer chip. The computer chip is coloured to match the Flag of Palestine in Black, White, Green with a Red triangle
The Gaza Sunbirds Logo. A blue bird with wings pointed high sits at the center of an orange-yellow circle. Behind the bird, the black, white, green, and red flag of Palestine.

Gaza Sunbirds
The Gaza Sunbirds are a Para-cycling team on the ground that has rerouted all its resources to support members of the community in Gaza. The main idea now is to help people survive until larger aid organisations step in. This will only happen through community action and mutual aid.

Operation Olive Branch

Google Spreadsheet Link
Operation Olive Branch is a volunteer-powered grassroots collective effort to connect with and amplify Palestinian voices in an effort to support their critical needs, which include but are not limited to their mutual aid requests. This global solidarity initiative is steered by a diverse core council of advocates from occupied Turtle Island which include Palestinian activists, the Jewish grandchild of a holocaust survivor, and everyone else in between.

Operation Olive Branch Logo. The logo is a circle. The text Operation sits at the top above two hands reaching toward each other, above and below the hands are two olive branches. Below this at the bottom of the circle are the words Olive Branch.
Logo with two olive branches behind text. Text reads: McMaster APARTHEID DIVEST (MacAD)

McMaster Apartheid Divest  Coalition

A Coalition of 60+ McMaster-affiliated organizations committed to justice and liberation for all.
Demands endorsed by DJNO.

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