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Among the best skateboards for mature riders, the Penny Classic Complete skateboard has drawn my attention at first sight owing to some interesting features that I find extremely useful for beginners.

If you grew up with skateboarding, you properly remember the time when nobody knew about built-in obsolescence, and indestructible plastic was the main material to produce all components. As stated by many skaters at SkateAdvisors, your Penny Classic Complete board can still survive after being run over by an automobile.

This classic product comes in two versions: 22-inch and 27-inch decks; therefore, this skateboard will bring back the memory of skateboarding in the past. Although it is made of plastic, it is incredibly light and riders can put the entire board inside your backpack.

The Penny Classic is well made for street skating thanks to the compact size and good ability to control and steer the board. However, it is more suitable for any riders who only want to enjoy riding around and are not a big fan of breaking the land.

In terms of distance, skaters can travel as far as they want thanks to the lifetime warranty from the manufacturers. Now let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages of one of the best skateboards for mature riders:.


The grip on the plastic deck is already amazing so customers won’t necessarily buy additional grip tape. Your feet will attach to the deck as if it was glued by a tube of superglue.

The compact and cool look that every skater wants to have when owning a penny skateboard.

Good warranty policies: warranty is among the most concerned criteria when buying a skateboard in most buying guides at SkateAdvisors. Therefore, with a lifetime warranty, this skateboard is among the best ones.


Not good for speed riding: slow or intermediate speeds are more preferable for cruising around.

If you can love this product, all you find is just hatred so skaters need to consider it carefully before purchasing.

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